Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updating school

At around 1:35 we went to the new school to check out what's been happening lately. We went a different way today. We walked across the rec and found a stepping stone sort of thing and climbed up it then jumped down. When we saw the school massive changes had been made. Apart from the window getting broken on the way to the new grounds, they had started placing insulation underneath the boards. The new school seems to be really shaping up.

A Visit To Our New School

On the 31st of October Room 6 went down to visit our new cool school. It
had changed heaps since last week!

We walked around the edge of the brand new school. There was a big
construction site going on there! Two of the class rooms have already gone
over there and there is thousands of space for the courts, playgrounds and
much more! The new school had concrete for the outside balcony of the
class rooms and there is heaps of space for our field on the other side of
the school.

After we had a quick walk around our awesome school we headed back to our
old school and brainstorm some of our ideas for planning!

It was a great site wondering around the school and we can't wait until
its finished next year!


Room 4 and 5 are on their foundations and they are insulating the floor. They have
the court compacted and ready for the ashphalt to be put down. All the
foundations are done. Room 6 and 7 are right beside the courts and we have
toilets and a sport shed joined to the end. They have made a lot of
progress since we were last there.

Visiting the School Grounds

Today after lunch we went to look at the school grounds. We went a
different way than we usually go. We went over to the rec and climbed the
fence. It was fun climbing the fence.

There was a lot of change. They have started putting insulation under the
floor boards. We went right around the school. Mrs. Keneally told us where everything is
going. We are getting new courts. They were putting floorboards down over
the insulation. There was banging here and there, drills going. I know it
sounds like a construction zone.

I think that the way we went today is a better way to go because you can
look at the back and front of the school. I hope we can visit again this

Friday, November 2, 2012

Taking down the walls

Before we could do anything the builders have to clear out the section. There was a big muck pile where they dug from. They started to take the walls down, and pull everything out from the classrooms. They pulled out the carpets, walls and the insulation, windows and pink batts. They elevated the two rooms up on big silts so the truck could get under. They got everything out of the class rooms and the trucks got ready to lift it up. They put the classes on to a truck and they moved it to the new site. When they got it off the truck they did not just put it on the ground, they put some elevations under the buildings. It is being moved to the field beside the church. It was safely moved and I can’t wait until the builders move and build the rest.    

Once there was a green grassland until.....

One day along came a digger and made it a mud pit. The diggers came onto the site to dig the ground up and make it flat.  There was a massive pile of dirt from all the digging. They needed to dig the ground because they need to put the piles in the ground. Also they dug the holes for the fence and fenced it off. Now we have a gate that goes straight to the rec so we have more ground to play on and more space.

Our school move

Before the end of term three. The diggers started digging and all of the grass and soil mixed into a big pile of dirt. The diggers were from Fulton Hogan.  The digger was really big, bigger than normal diggers. They dug up the ground on Holy Cross grounds. The school was getting moved to Holy Cross College. Stewart’s constructions are building on the construction site. The builders are preparing to start building part of the school. It took a long time to dig all of the soil out.  They had to put stilts in. The grounds looks way different than before they had started digging. We are hoping the school will start soon. We also want the school to finish very quickly.  We are right beside the chapel/church. That means we won’t have to walk very far to the church for mass.