Friday, November 2, 2012

Goodbye trees...

Today  we went  down to the Holy Church to see the trees being cut down, there was a really big rotten tree.  The man told us that the tree had to be cut down. Mrs Kenneally wanted all of the class to hug the tree so we did.  After two days the tree was cut down, so now it is a blank space.
Sometimes Mrs Kenneally took us down to see the rest of the trees being cut down as well. One day we went to see the site without all of the trees.  Hopefully when we shift down to Holy Cross we will be able to plant some more trees
It will be very exciting to see the school finished ready to shift into.  It is good that we are taking photos of the school and it’s progress as in years to come we will be able to show and tell people that we were there when it all happened. 

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